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Temple, TX

We were asked to investigate a fairly prominent hair salon in the Temple area. The people who own and operate this business stated that they have been in this particular location for just over a year and since moving into this building they have experienced some very bizarre things. The claims of activity are black shadows, a full body apparition of a tall man wearing a white button down shirt, disembodied voices, footsteps and electrical appliances turning on for no apparent reason.

We arrived in Temple around 9pm and were met by the salon owner, her husband and a few co-workers and clients. We were given a walk through tour of the building which is a single story 100 year old house that has been converted over and rezoned for commercial purposes. A rough sketch was made of the building and baseline reading of temperature, humidity and electromagnetic frequencies was obtained in every room of the structure. There were several areas with unusually high emf readings and we were quickly able to trace the source to wires and appliances. There were also two other investigators shooting pictures of the areas while everyone else began unloading equipment and checking placement of all the cameras. During the scouting and set up Rita went into the attic alone and shot some pictures and inadvertently 4 seconds of video (more on this later). She also hit her head pretty bad and cut her scalp. She came down bleeding. It looked like something out of a slasher film. Point of interest….. never go alone. Rita is a trooper and wound up being fine. No stitches or lasting scars but it could have been worse.

The Temple investigation was the first for our new team members Brad and Ashley Warren. We were also short 2 team members due to illness. The members present that night were Pop, Lee, Jane, Rita, Brad and Ashley. Just after light out Ashley and a few others went into the attic to do some evp work. Ashley decided to try and get the spirit to answer her by finishing a sequence of knocking sounds. It worked! She was able to capture two faint knocking sounds on her recorder in response to the knocking sounds she had made. Through out the the night we were able to document on video brightly lit orbs moving in just about every conceivable direction through the doorways of the salon. We never did see any flying insects inside the building. So paranormal or dust? Who knows. We have given our opinion and allowed the client to make their own decision in respect to that video footage. Of course we obtained several photos of orbs. Some of them were very brightly lit they seemed to glow and there were a few that were brightly colored as well, bright blue, pink and green. I believe them to be more than just dust but again we gave our opinions and allowed our clients to decide for themselves. Our biggest and best documentation is the 4 seconds of video that Rita shot in the attic without even knowing she had done it. Several days after the investigation while reviewing photos and video and listening to evp’s Rita made her discovery. On that 4 second clip she captured a large billowy shadow that moved rapidly from the left of her up in front towards her and then off to her right. This shadow was so dark and dense that it obscures from view everything it passes in front of. We have watched this video clip hundreds of times trying to explain what or who may have caused it. We have also shown this clip to other people attempting to debunk it. We even went as far as printing out pictures so we could map out her exact steps to rule out her own shadow. So far we have not been able to come up with a rational explanation. We concluded our investigation after the weather turned and it began to rain.

Pop and I returned to Temple two weeks later to discuss the case with our clients and show them what we were able to actually document. Nobody seemed suprised at all. The clients then told us that they had another group of paranormal investigators come the night after we were there and they caught very similar evidence. At first I felt a little put off by the thought of another group coming in behind us and re-investigating. But I quickly realized that the other group whomever they may be only validated the video clips, photos and evp’s we had been able to capture. Our overall impression of this particular location is that there is something paranormal occuring. It is also our impression that it is not a malevolent presence but should also be respected. Our clients aggreed and seemed pleased with the information and documentation provided to them.

CTPS Case Manager